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I am nineteen years old from Somalia. I left my country three years ago, shortly after getting married, but unlike others, I did not run away from my country. I chose to leave for education. In my opinion, ignorance means weakness, and I want to learn. I chose to go through the challenges of being a refugee to pursue knowledge. I could not bring my wife with me because I was worried she would not make it. The road is too hard and dangerous for her. It has been three years since last seeing my wife. 

Life at home was simple. I spent most of my time helping around the house and playing soccer for the local team. I hope to one day be a mechanic, because I love to work with big machinery. Another thing I hope for is to be able to afford having as many children as possible. As for my wife, if I could tell her one thing I would say, “Dear wife, don’t worry; I will bring you back here, and we will start a new life together.”