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        Today, when we turn on the news, we see waves of refugees flooding into Europe and other parts of the world. Due to different reasons like war, terrorism, famine,..., etc, they had to flee their countries, their homes, and some even their families. While the media portrays them as social liability, we can’t help but ask the question, “If we were in their shoes, would we want to be known like that to the rest of world?” 

        Dreams are the opening to the future, when a child dreams it gives a glimpse into what could come. Every child has a dream to share that will impact and change the world. Valuing a child’s dream is the first step to changing it from being an impossibility, to giving a child hope for success. Their dreams are a breath of life that will make the difference our future needs. So "Dream" project was born. It took place in Bad Blankenburg, Germany among the Youth With A Mission facility. Refugee children gather there everyday to play and find company. And for us, we are there to believe in their destiny. 

        Our answer to our question is HOPE. When we see the refugees through the lens of Hope, we are no longer seeing them as issues, but as humans, just like you and me. We are believing for them to have a future, and to even be apart of OUR future. Let us take a moment and change our lens. Let us see them the way we hope to be seen. Let us choose HOPE, for ourselves and for the refugees. 

(Slide your mouse on their photos to see their names and their dreams.)