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        Each person has a past, a story, and a value. Who they are right now is made up of unique stories from the past, which bring light to the present. Let us color their present with their past and release them into a hopeful future.

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        Today, when we turn on the news, we see waves of refugees flooding into Europe and other parts of the world. Due to different reasons like war, terrorism, famine,..., etc, they had to flee their countries, their homes, and some even their families. While the media portrays them as social liability, we can’t help but ask the question, “If we were in their shoes, would we want to be known like that to the rest of world?” 

        “Past Present“ project was created in Bad Blankenburg, Germany and Paris, France. We walked into these refugees' lives, sat with them next to their tents on the streets, prepped their refugee camps for them to have shelter, and then hung out with them to hear their stories. We realized they all have a family, a journey, and a dream. They are just like you and me. And this is how the project came to past. 

        Our answer to our question is HOPE. When we see the refugees through the lens of Hope, we are no longer seeing them as issues, but as humans, just like you and me. We are believing for them to have a future, and to even be apart of OUR future. Let us take a moment and change our lens. Let us see them the way we hope to be seen. Let us choose HOPE, for ourselves and for the refugees. 



I have a heart for refugees because I know what it is like to be one; to sleep on the floor, not knowing what to do next.

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Music has comforted me during this time of uncertainty, but I hold out constant hope of seeing my family again and making Germany a permanent home.



I spend each day fighting to keep a smile on my face and not spread my anger onto other people. I believe that even though it is hard, I can always hold onto this hope that I have.

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I wish I could bring my family here, but I would much rather go back to them than stay here knowing they need me. 

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I never want to go back to my country and see what is going on there. I want to live in peace, in a place where there is no war.

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But for now, what I desire is to live in freedom, to not have guards and police watching me everywhere I go. I hope to have a normal life, to no longer live in fear.     



I am happy to be here, to have food and shelter, but I cannot go back to Afghanistan. I know they will send me back again, I just do not know what to do from here.

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I am hopeful that here, in France, I will be safe to start a new life and send for my wife to make France a place to call home.

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It is a miracle that I am alive today, there were so many moments that I should have died.                 

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As for my wife, if I could tell her one thing I would say, “Dear wife, don’t worry; I will bring you back here and we will start a new life together.”



There is no way I could deny Him; it is a miracle that I am alive today, and I know that God has kept me alive for a purpose.



Everyone I have met have always encouraged me to never give up hope, even with the chance of being deported back to Sudan, and to always pursue the dreams in my heart.



My hopes are to build a life in France, to work legally as a mechanic, and to build a family.

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I like that I have food to eat and a roof over my head, I just wish I could help my family like I setout to do.