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To have been born and raised in Iraq, I noticed each day just how difficult it was to live there. Working as a photographer for a clothing company and, occasionally, helping my father drive different products, I realized that the pay was not enough for me to ever fulfill my dreams. 

However, what forced me to leave my home was not the economy, it was Isis. When they found me, they attempted to get me to join their cause. Knowing I would never join them, I had to flee. I never got to say goodbye to my family. I had the chance of speaking to my mom when I arrived in Turkey. After traveling to a few more places, I finally settled in Germany where I hoped to live out my dreams. 

Unfortunately, my status as a refugee blocked my chances of finding work, so I decided to take on playing the violin. Music has comforted me during this time of uncertainty, but I hold out constant hope of seeing my family again and making Germany a permanent home.