Hawaiʻi rests in the middle of the liquid continent. It bridges Asia and the Americas. Just like a rainbow, Hawaiʻi blends differences and creates a unique beauty out of diversity. We see this beauty expressed in the people, the land and the culture.     

     The Hawaiians have welcomed many people from around the world with the spirit of  ‘Aloha’. Guests become family as they journey through life together with them. This fusion has formed the blended ‘Rainbow State’ which makes Hawaiʻi unique.

     This uniqueness extends even to the land. Eleven out of the thirteen climate zones of the world are found on the Big Island. This natural variety results in extravagant colors and interesting shapes. There are hidden treasures around every corner.

     The culture of the Hawaiian Islands is famous in every part of the world, embodying a lifestyle of hospitality, peace and acceptance. The passion of the people is also seen in the celebration of the luʻau and expressive hula dances. The spirit of aloha radiates through every part of the culture.

     Through our photo exhibition we hope to highlight the beauty, celebrate the culture and thank the people of Hawaiʻi. As the ‘University of the Nations’ we acknowledge the love and blessings we have received from this land, and we wish to return the blessing of ‘Aloha’.

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