I am twenty six years old from Afghanistan. The constant wonder of whether or not I would live each day due to the war caused me to flee my country. I found myself in Russia for three years and five months, but the living situation was difficult so I decided to leave. I spent ten months in Norway before leaving to Germany where I stayed for another five months before finally making it to France. In France, I have spent the last four years and six months struggling to find a job as a refugee. Back in Afghanistan, I had a good job working for a laundry company, but here I have no way to work. I am losing hope, I feel like my future is lost; then I think of my family. I cannot give up the hope I have; that wherever my brother and sister are, they will be okay. Being in France, my greatest dream has been to become fluent in the French language. Someday, I would love to continue my education, get a job and maybe even start a family. But, for now, what I desire is to live in freedom, to not have guards and police watching me everywhere I go. I hope to have a normal life, to no longer live in fear.