Released in 2012, Broken: a call to restore the house of Humanity uses the art of photography and writing to breathe life and dignity back into desperate situations across the world. From life in red light districts to war-torn nations, this book redefines how we as global citizens view “family” and “home,” and more importantly, how to bring forth restoration. Masterfully captured, Broken is a combination of stunning photography, prose, on the field stories, and concrete application that is designed to engage both the mind and the heart.

"Like a tree consisting of roots, a trunk, and branches that bear fruit, so is the nature of our human condition. The roots of humanity begin within our family structure” (5).

“Our hope is that when people begin to recognize their unique role within their homes, families, and communities and begin to live that out with responsibility, forgiveness, and selflessness- the world will truly be transformed” (127).


All proceeds from Broken go towards supporting the Kunene family of Swaziland. Featured in the book for their unparalleled faith and generosity, parents Petros and Elizabeth welcomed seven AIDS orphans (in addition to their eight biological kids) into their home and into their hearts. The support from Broken helps them cover living costs and allows the children to attend school.  


This book was created by a team of ten, young, artistic, justice-minded photographers who joined the PhotogenX Around the World Track. In their own words they said, “we set out to experience the world, to immerse ourselves in the cultures and people of every inhabitable continent in hopes of having our eyes opened to the stories that go untold.”  

Click on the cover to see the book in its entirety!

Click on the cover to see the book in its entirety!

Click on the cover to see the book in its entirety!