PhotogenX found its start when a German photographer received a calling from God to become a missionary. “But can I do missionary work with a camera?” Susi Childers asked. Every missions organization she applied to all asked for medical skill, music skills, education skills, bible school degrees, etc. But her profession was in photography. These closed doors allowed God to guide her towards an opened one she would have never expected...

     While serving abroad, Susi began to photograph the people she worked with to remember their beauty, their strength, and their value. Afterwards, a friend who viewed the shots immediately asked her to share them publicly. From the first showing, interest spread like wildfire. Heads of companies wept as she shared on the desperate needs around the world; needs of the beautiful people right in front of their eyes. It became increasingly evident that God’s hand was moving on photography to be used as a tool to ignite justice.   

     Next came multiplication. Susi and her husband Paul launched one of the very first Discipleship Training Schools that held a specific focus: photography. Two years later, they began pioneering degree programs as well.      

     Today, PhotogenX has been running the photography based DTS for over 10 years, along with multiple around-the-world photography training degree programs. It has published close to 10 photography books focused on different injustice issues around the world, and called people to practically respond to these issues. We are now located in Kona, Hawaii and Bad Blankenburg, Germany.

     But the mission isn’t over. We believe that God is continuously calling us to follow Him to discover the hidden treasures of this world and to share His heart with many. We want to be apart of God’s story and go tell the story. We also endeavor to train, equip, and release all generations to use their own gifts of creativity for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.