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     PhotogenX Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a visionary discipleship community, passionate about God. Its purpose is to equip and champion creative, visual, artistic, and media-minded people to be sent into the world to serve its needs through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

     The heart of PhotogenX is to experience God’s heart and to communicate it with the world. Outlets for this include visual media, mainly photography, and also video, design, illustration...etc. But we also realize the importance of verbal and written communication. We want to call for the people who have a passion for communication. We will train you in the areas of photography, public speaking, and writing. If you have other skills like video, design, illustration, we need you also. The more giftings we have, the more efficient we can be to share God’s heart with others.

     Through PhotogenX DTS, you will gain a deeper revelation of God, become more like Him, and then shine His light into the world! With the gospel in one hand and camera in the other, we will go to the ends of the earth to discover God’s heart and expand His kingdom. Through our camera lenses, we want to see people as God sees them and share their stories to inspire others. You will get a taste of what it means to combine communication with a mission.

     The DTS emphasizes cross-cultural exposure and global awareness, preparing students to answer the call to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” Jesus called us to be the light of the world. Through these 6 months, you will become the light, and you will learn to paint with The Light!

     Light is a combination of seven different colors. In diversity, we create unity. In unity, God is glorified. We want to pursue God as ONE. We don’t compete, but we encourage. We become each other’s greatest fan in this season as we all pursue Jesus together!

     The PhotogenX DTS is mainly geared towards 18-30 year olds because of the type of outreaches we will be doing. 

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Seeing as the nature of a DTS outreach is short-term in nature, these outreaches could be used as possible springboards for long-term photogenX initiatives. Take a look what our outreach looks like in the videos below.